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Application of Micro Switches in Coffee Machines

Coffee has a unique taste, is rich in nutrition, and has a refreshing function, which is quite popular among young people. In recent years, the high development of the coffee market has made the market for coffee machines also increasingly mature. As a result, more and more offices are equipped with coffee machines. Commuters themselves can make a cup of mellow and rich coffee in their free time to eliminate fatigue at work.

How do coffee makers work

The whole mechanism of a coffee maker is mainly composed of a grinding system, a water tank supply system, a boiler heating system, and an extraction system. First, the user turns on the power switch of the coffee machine. Then, check in advance whether there are coffee beans in the coffee bean bin and whether the water level of the water tank is above the minimum water level line. If not, it needs to be added in time. Push the coffee handle into the grinder, which will touch the micro switch of the bean grinding contact inside the coffee machine. Immediately, the grinding mechanism starts working and the coffee powder will fall into the handle slot. When the handle is removed, the bean contact micro switch is disconnected and the machine stops grinding. Then align the coffee handle with the coffee machine head, rotate it to the designated position, and press the extract coffee liquid button switch. At this time, the water tank water supply system and steam boiler start to work. The boiler generates water vapor, which enters the coffee powder box through the pipes and shower, and the steam and hot water are sprayed on the coffee powder to extract the rich coffee liquid.

KANGERLE micro switch used in coffee machine

KANGERLE KW12 micro switch is used in a coffee machine, which is also called the bean grinding contact switch. The coffee handle pushes in or out of the powder holder to control the micro switch on and off, thus controlling the grinding of coffee beans. The KW3 micro switch is used to detect whether the coffee handle is rotating in contact with the coffee machine head. If the contact is not in place, the micro switch is off and the coffee liquid cannot be extracted.


micro switch for coffee maker


KANGERLE is a professional manufacturer of micro switches and waterproof microswitches, with more than 30 years of experience in production and research. At present, the KW3 micro switches and KW12 micro switches used in coffee machines have accurate travel, sensitive operation, and quick response. They have been purchased and used by a large number of customers and have received unanimous praise. The KW3 and KW12 micro switches are small in size and lightweight. Moreover, micro switches have a long electrical life and are highly repeatable and durable. At the same time, the micro switch is equipped with a variety of operating forces, current and voltage ranges, operating handles, terminals, etc. Customers can choose a suitable micro switch according to their product needs. The quality of our products is guaranteed and the after-sales service is worry-free. All products have passed international safety certifications, such as UL, CE, CQC, TUV, etc., and also comply with RoHS and other environmental protection protocols. Welcome to the official website of KANGERLE for more details on a micro switch.

Post time: Aug-30-2022

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