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Can the failure of the tact switch be repaired?

Can the failure of the tact switch be repaired?

Answer: It can be repaired.



1. The shrapnel inside the tact switch (button) is severely oxidized, causing poor contact and malfunction.

Solution: scrape the oxidized part of the shrapnel clean, or directly replace a tact switch.


Second, the circuit problem

Solution: Check carefully whether the solder joints on the circuit board have false soldering, and repair them in time; whether the electronic components are burned through, replace them in time; or directly replace the problematic circuit board.


Can the failure of the tact switch be repaired?


How to repair common faults of tact switches

The tact switch is one of the most widely used electronic components in daily life, and its main function is to control the disconnection and connection of the power supply. So for the small button of the tact switch, there are some faults and other problems during the use process, do you know how to repair the common faults of the tact switch? It is estimated that most people except the technicians are definitely not able to repair the switch. Remember to tell you how to weld and test the tact switch last time, then the editor will explain in detail how to repair the common faults of the tact switch.


About the treatment method of the virtual welding of the welding tact switch

When welding the tact switch, some technicians often cause problems such as false welding on the welding switch due to improper operation, so how to prevent these problems such as false welding? First, apply some solder paste between the pins of the switch. After the four pins are applied, add some solder to each corner of the switch. You can use tweezers to hold the switch key and use a soldering iron for soldering. This operation can greatly reduce the occurrence of false welding and other problems in the switch welding. However, one thing to note is that when soldering, keep the pins of the switch whether there are sundries and other things, and remember to clean them up, so as to avoid these problems such as false soldering when soldering.


About the processing method of the bump of the tact switch button

In the daily use of the tact switch, I believe that everyone will often encounter problems such as the convex switch button, so how to deal with the problem of the switch button convexity? First of all, we understand that it mainly causes the switch button to sag and other reasons. It may be due to the excessive force of the operation button or the frequent button switch, which causes the membrane inside the switch to rupture and the metal shrapnel of the switch loses its elasticity. It will cause the keys to sag. To deal with problems such as bumps in the switch buttons, you can remove the tact switch and replace it with a thin film. For the future use of the switch, the key strength should be careful not to be too strong.


About the processing method of poor contact of the tact switch

1. In the daily use of light tact switches, most of them will be exposed to the air. In addition, when used in some humid weather, the internal metal shrapnel of the switch is easily oxidized, which will affect the subsequent contact. It is greatly weakened, and the light tact switch will cause some problems such as poor contact. The way to deal with the poor contact of the switch is to first disassemble the switch. At this time, you will find some black spots on the metal shrapnel of the switch, which is causing the internal The effect of oxidation, at this time, you can use a knife to scratch the shrapnel or you can choose to replace the metal shrapnel component of the switch. After the processing is completed, you can put glue on the metal shrapnel of the switch to fix it, and then assemble the switch. This method of operation can solve problems such as poor contact of the switch.


2. For problems such as poor contact of the tact switch, a certain amount of dust will accumulate inside the switch after the switch is used for a long time. If the accumulated dust is too large, it will also cause some poor contact in the use of the switch. The way to deal with the phenomenon of poor contact is to first disassemble the switch, and then clean up the shrapnel inside the switch and the dusty parts of the base body. After all are cleaned, install the switch in the original order.


Notes on the use of tact switches

In the use of the tact switch, be careful not to let some water droplets or water vapor enter the inside of the switch. Although the current tact switch is waterproof, some water intrusion cannot be avoided because the tact switch is waterproof. The switch completes its work by contacting the internal metal shrapnel with the conductive parts, and when the metal shrapnel comes in contact with water vapor or the like, it will be more likely to oxidize, causing the conductive function of the switch to fail or some short-circuit conditions. Therefore, the intrusion of moisture on the switch should be avoided.

Post time: Jul-31-2021

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