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How to fix a gas cooktop not lighting?

As one of the most important kitchen appliances, the cooktop provides great convenience for people to make delicious food.

However, there always exist some common problems in the process of using a gas stove. The most obvious one is that the gas stove won’t light. Due to its long working hours and people’s lack of maintenance awareness, which will make the gas stove not work properly in critical moments. This not only brings inconvenience to the residents but also seriously threatens their lives and properties. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the working principle of a gas stove, common failures, and repair methods.

Gas cooktop working principle

With the gradual entry of natural gas into thousands of households, most of the current household gas stoves use it as the gas source. The core of the pulse gas stove ignition is the pulse igniter, which is a pulse high-frequency oscillator composed of electronic components. When the knob switch on the cooktop is pressed and turned, it will trigger the micro switch below it to turn the circuit on. At this point, the low voltage generated by the oscillator is turned into high voltage through the pulse transformer. Then the tip discharge is carried out to the ignition pin by the connection wire. The generated electric spark will ignite the gas, and the flame continues to burn. That is how a gas stove work normally.

micro switch used in the gas cooktop

The micro switch mentioned here is actually a miniature electronic switch that can turn on or off the circuit with a slight touch. Generally speaking, the requirements of the micro switch in the stove top are relatively high. It must not only withstand high temperatures, but also sensitive operation and rapid response. The small size and light weight of the KANGERLE KW12 micro switch of the gas stove can work in an environment of -40℃ to 105℃. At the same time, this micro switch has a wide variety of operating levers and terminals, which can be equipped according to the different structures inside the cooktop. Due to the frequent use of the cooktop, the micro switch should be durable. Many users often encounter the situation that the gas cooktops won’t turn on, either repeatedly turning the knob switch to fire. Sometimes it is completely unable to ignite. This problem is most likely that the internal contacts of the stove micro switch have been damaged, resulting in poor contact. Therefore, in the maintenance of this type of fault, if you check the micro switch first, you can often play a multiplier effect with half the effort. KANGERLE cooktop micro switch has strong resistance to vibration, impact, and welding, and its mechanical life is 1 million times and electrical life is 50,000 times. The switches have passed UL, TUV, CE, CB, CQC, RoHS, IATF16949, and other certifications. The quality is stable and reliable. In short, when the gas stove micro switch has a problem, promptly replace a new one in time.

Common failures and repair methods for a gas cooktop that does not light

Insufficient battery power —  Replace the new battery

The burner pin is stained with oil —  Turn off and unplug the appliance, then remove the grate and burner cap to clean out any loose food debris inside. Make the oil stains on the burner pin be cleaned.

The burner pin position is not appropriate — Adjust the distance between the pin and the burner cap 4 ~ 6mm, and align the fire hole

Gas stovetop micro switch damage —  Replace a new micro switch

Post time: Aug-09-2022

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