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How to remove the push button switch

How to remove the push button switch

When the push push button switch is damaged, timely maintenance is very important, and disassembly is a very important step during maintenance, so what should be paid attention to when disassembling?


First open the cover of the wall switch. Generally, we can see an opening of about 0.5 cm under the cover. We can start to open the cover from here. After opening the cover, we still cannot see the fixing bolts. We need to remove the switch panel, and then use a small screwdriver to carefully pry the switch panel to the front, so that the switch panel itself will fall. See the two fixing bolts on the mounting frame, use a Phillips screwdriver to turn counterclockwise to remove the entire wall switch. After taking it out, replace it with a new wall switch according to the original wiring method. Normally, the L terminal is connected to the incoming line, and L1 or L2 is connected to the light line. When the switch is disassembled, first remove the outer waterproof cover. We can see a small gap on the side of the waterproof cover. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to insert it and knock it hard to remove the waterproof cover. After the mask is removed, you can see that there are screws on both sides. Unscrew the screw switch and it will open naturally. After opening the switch panel, we need to replace it with a new one. Remove the wires from the old switch panel and re-fix it to the corresponding place of the new switch panel.


The installation method of waterproof push button switch is as follows:

1. Open the button cover screwdriver and select the nut;

2. insert the lower part of the opened switch into the panel hole;

3. Screw on the nut, and then insert the button cover.


Precautions for button switch installation 

1.When the buttons are installed on the panel, they should be neatly arranged and arranged reasonably, such as from top to bottom or from left to right according to the order in which the motors are started. The distance between adjacent buttons is 50~100mm.

2. Several different working states of the same equipment component (such as up, down, front, back, left, right, loose, tight, etc.) should be installed in a group for each pair of buttons with opposite states. Apply the red button to stop, green or black to start or power on, make no mistake.

3. In order to cope with emergency situations, when there are many buttons on the panel, the main stop button should be installed in a conspicuous and easy-to-operate place. It is best to use a red mushroom button or make an obvious mark.

4. Due to the small distance between the button contacts, short-circuit failures are likely to occur if there is oil stains, so the contacts should be kept clean.

5. The button board and button box where the buttons are installed must be metal, and try to connect them to the general ground bus of the machine tool. For hanging buttons, a dedicated grounding wire must be provided, and metal pipes must not be used as the grounding wire.

6. When the button is used in high temperature occasions, it is easy to cause plastic deformation and aging to cause looseness, causing a short circuit between the terminal screws. An insulating plastic tube can be added to the terminal screws to prevent short circuits.

Post time: Jul-31-2021

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