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Miniature micro switch for juice extractor

The rising standard of living has led to a wide variety of food and drinks in people’s daily lives. Compared to buying some juice drinks outside, more and more people prefer to choose to make them at home. Do-it-yourself drinks not only taste good, but food safety can also be more guaranteed. To make better juice, juicers with different functions have come into the kitchens of thousands of households.

How does a juicer work?

The juice extractor mainly consists of the main unit, blade, juice outlet, juice cup, pomace bucket, top cover, and micro switch. After starting the juicer, the motor drives the knife set to rotate at high speed. The fruit and vegetables are pushed to the blade from the feeding port, and the blade will shred the fruit and vegetables. Under the action of centrifugal force generated by the high-speed operation of the knife set, the fruit residue flies out into the residue box, while the juice will store in the juice cup.

KANGERLE miniature micro switch application for juice extractor


Miniature micro switch for juice extractor

A micro switch is provided on the juicer base, and the cup is equipped with a trigger mechanism. The most important part is that an anti-reverse structure is designed between the cup and the lid. When the lid is rotated, the lid triggers the micro switch through the trigger mechanism to detect that the cup is in a reasonable position for the trigger structure and the anti-recede structure. In simple terms, the KANGERLE micro switch is to ensure that the juicer cup is rotated into place so that the juicer can be started properly.

How to choose the right juice extractor?

1.3C products

Juicer belongs to the mandatory 3C certification products, be sure to identify clearly when buying whether it contains 3C certification, to avoid buying inferior products and bringing safety risks.

2. Transparent juice cup

Juice cups are preferably transparent and also marked with a scale, which makes it easier and clearer for consumers to see how much juice is in the cup.

3. Food-grade material

Juicer and ingredients in direct contact with the plastic components should be food-grade plastic production, metal components should be selected from food-grade stainless steel. To ensure the health of the juice, to avoid corrosion of metal components rust, bacteria, etc…

4. Easy to clean

The most difficult to clean centrifugal juicer is the blade located at the bottom of the cup. So, choose the model where the knife set can be disassembled for better cleaning. Slow speed juicer (speed 100 times/min or less) inside the screw rod, rinse with water can be relatively easy to clean.

5. Less noise

High-speed centrifugal juicer noise is inevitable, while slow juicer noise is relatively small. Many juicer sellers advertise their products as quiet. However, the so-called quiet to decibel value shall prevail. 60 decibels or less to be considered a good performance in terms of noise products.

6. Gate adjustment valve

The gate adjustment valve can be adjusted according to the degree of softness of the fruit. When making soft fruits with less fiber content, such as banana milk, mango juice, kiwi juice, etc., you can adjust the outlet gate smaller, so that the juice yield is higher. When making fruits with more fiber content, such as pineapple juice, apple juice, etc., you can turn the dregs spout up for a faster juice yield. The most important thing is that when you need to clean the juice after squeezing, you can turn the slag mouth to the maximum so that the juice inside is exhausted as much as possible.

7. The number of filters

A juicer is best equipped with multiple filters. Generally, a good juicer will provide coarse mesh, fine mesh, and ice cream mesh, a variety of options to meet the different needs of users.


Post time: Sep-21-2022

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