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Solutions to Customers’ Requirements

With our unique technology and extensive product lineup, we make a comprehensive analysis in the design stage and propose the best solution according to customer requirements, striving to increase their experience and satisfaction.

1. KW3-10C-B-6 & KW3-10C-K-6Z

The air fryer has quickly become the top favorite of kitchen appliances since its introduction. The competition between brands is also quite fierce. Nowadays, consumers pursue large cavity volumes and good product quality, which makes many home appliance manufacturers encounter a problem in the selection of a micro switch.

micro switch  used in home appliances


The design of our KW3 down-bend terminals successfully meets the requirements of maximizing the compression of the internal circuit board and component space. Customers can choose conventional straight-in terminals or down-bend terminals according to their own product specifications.

2. KFC-W-05C Pin H=2.4

We have worked with a domestic well-known power bank company before. The customer uses a customized thickened circuit board, so the length of the conventional microswitch terminals in the market cannot meet his needs. If regular terminals are used, there will always be a problem of pseudo soldering due to insufficient terminal length.

detector switch used in power bank sharing

Our company cooperated with this customer to lengthen the terminals of KFC-W-05C, helping customers to solve the problems of product assembly and soldering difficulty efficiently.

3. kfc-v-105tp-2

KFC-V-105TP was originally equipped with a single-direction trigger button, which could only be pushed from one side. However, our customer’s new product has another demand: the switch button needs to be pushed from both sides.

detector switch used in appliances

Under the premise of not changing the product performance and body structure, our company has carried out partial optimization and improvement of the switch button. Finally, the original single-direction trigger has been changed to a two-direction trigger, and the problem of product diversification has been successfully solved. 

As a professional manufacturer of electronic switches, our mission is not only to develop products, but also to help customers solve problems and provide them with the most suitable products and the most satisfactory services.


Post time: Jul-06-2022

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