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Water Heater Micro Switch

In recent years, the government vigorously promotes the construction of a gas pipeline network. The production and sales of domestic gas water heaters have maintained a steady growth rate. In the Chinese market, gas water heaters are almost all fast heating type products with the advantages of fast heating, compact size, and low price. Compared with other functions of water heaters, gas water heaters gradually take advantage and have been the first category of sales share in the Chinese domestic water heater market for several years.

What is a Water Heater Micro Switch?

Water-gas linkage valve control

The water heater micro switch is a safety device that is used in many different types of water heaters. Specifically, it is used in a water-gas linkage valve control. Gas water linkage valve includes water control device and gas control device. The water heater micro switch is installed on the installation slot, which has the characteristics of a simple structure and easy installation. When there is water flowing in the inlet pipe, the micro switch will be closed. After the circuit is conducted, hot water flows out normally.

How a Gas Water Heater Works?

Tap water enters the water heater intake pipe. Then under the effect of a certain pressure differential, this flowing water will push the water-gas linkage valve. At the same time, it also pushes the  water heater micro switch to turn the power on and start the pulse controller. Immediately afterward, the gas vent solenoid valve opens and the gas water heater burner ignites. The flame detection element detects the flame intensity and then feeds the flame signal back to the pulse controller. This allows the burner to burn normally by maintaining the current so that the solenoid valve is normally open. If the ignition fails, the pulse igniter will not detect the flame feedback signal. The lack of power supply to the gas vent solenoid valve door will not go to maintain the normal opening of the solenoid valve. Therefore, the solenoid valve automatically closes, cutting off the supply of gas, and the water heater stops working and plays a role in safety protection.

Water Heater Micro Switch

KANGERLE KW12 water heater micro switch is with small and compact size, quick and sensitive response. Global safety certification is complete, long electrical life, stable and reliable quality. The terminal load capacity can reach 10A, and at the same time, there are various types of terminals and operating handles. KANGWELE micro switch manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience in R&D and production, is mainly engaged in micro switch, waterproof micro switch, light contact switch, detection switch, etc. KW12 series micro switch developed and manufactured by KANGERLE has been widely used in gas water heaters, multi-turn electric devices, compact electric actuators, medical seats, gas stoves, electric drying racks, etc. For more information about the KANGERLE micro switch, please visit the official website at https://www.microswitch-china.com/

Post time: Sep-09-2022

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