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What does a micro switch do in car door locks?

A micro switch for car door locks is a small and sensitive mechanical device that’s used to detect whether the car door, child lock, and central lock have been locked in place. Although the switch is miniature in size, it has become one of the most crucial parts of a car door lock.


The working principle for a car door lock micro switch is to send a signal to the instrument when the door is closed.  It is usually mounted on or near the door handle. The micro switch is usually composed of a plunger, operating handle, and other mechanical parts. When users press the handle, this action will connect the circuit. And then a message will be sent to the automotive dashboard to tell the driver about the situation of the car door.

It is known that a micro switch has a prescribed stroke and operating force. If the car door closes in the wrong way, the stroke of the switch will not reach. This causes the switch to disconnect the circuit, and the signal displayed on the dashboard will show a warning that the door has not been closed.

It is inevitable to get wet when driving on rainy days because of the frequent opening and closing of the car door. Therefore, we must choose a waterproof micro switch with long electrical life for the car door.

If the car door lock switch is broken, there will be some severe consequences:

If the automotive door lock switch is broken, there will be some severe consequences for both driver and passenger.

It could lead to an accident or even death if someone is in the car and they cannot exit it. The person stuck inside could be injured or killed by carbon monoxide poisoning because they are not able to open the windows to let fresh air in while they wait for help.

Common faults of car door locks are:

A car door lock is a device that is used to secure the vehicle. It is usually a metal loop or rod that has been attached to the inside of the car door. The lock secures the door by preventing it from opening, and can only be opened with a key, remote control, or by pressing a button located in the car.

Car locks are not perfect and they have some faults too. Here are some of them:

- A broken spring in one of the locks will cause both doors to be unlocked when only one was intended to be unlocked.

- The locks can get jammed due to corrosion and dirt buildup which could lead to breakage over time.

- A faulty locking mechanism could lead to an unlocked door while driving at high speeds on an open highway.

When the micro switch of the door lock is broken, how do we replace it?

The micro switch of the door lock is a small device that detects when the door is opened and closed. It is usually located on the door handle. When it breaks, you can replace it with a simple process.

To replace the micro switch of the door lock, you will need to take off all of the components from the handle and remove them from the door. Next, you will need to find a replacement for your broken one and assemble them together in reverse order.

The advantages of the KW2 series car door micro switch:

  • Good hand feeling
  • Sensitive operation
  • Quick action
  • High stroke accuracy
  • Long electrical life
  • Tested by customers
  • Have been mass-produced

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Post time: Nov-30-2022

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