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What is a micro switch?

What is a micro switch?

Micro switch, also known as a sensitive switch. Also known as sensitive switch, snap-action switch. A quick switch that applies pressure to actuate. It is used in a variety of electrical accessories such as door switches in security systems.

Micro switch is one of the many types of switches in our company.

There are many kinds of switches, and we can mainly divide them into waterproof micro switch and common micro switch.

Waterproof micro switch is divided into KW1/KW2/KW4/WS1/WS2

The ordinary micro switch can be divided into large micro switch (KW3 series), medium micro switch (KW12 series) and small micro switch (KW10 series).


This time we will mainly introduce the working principle of KW3 large micro switch series of Kangerle Electronics. Let’s start from here, let’s better understand and enter the micro switch!

Take Kangerle KW3-10A-C as an example (silver contact)

 KW3-10A-C 图片1

The picture looks like a double-throw type micro switch. When we do not press the yellow button above, the terminal connected to the button is closed with the normally closed terminal, that is, as shown on the figure is tightly fit together. However, when the yellow button is pressed with force, the force is driven by the reed in the middle, so that the terminal connected to the button is closed with the normally open terminal. This process is the working principle of the micro switch.


Simply put, when an external force is applied to the actuating element, the actuating element applies the force to the action reed, which turns on or off the dynamic contact at the end of the reed and the fixed contact. Thus, the actuating element can be a button, a pendulum, etc.

It is also because of the simple operating principle of the microswitch that it has the following features

Micro switch it also has the following advantages.

1.Mini size, small operating force, wide range of applications.

Small enough to be put into various types of alarms, a large range can be carried into a variety of daily appliances, such as washing machines, electric fans, heaters, induction cookers, etc.. Especially in recent years the popular home air fryer micro switch is also able to make a contribution in it. Of course, due to the continuous development of new technologies, such as the human demand for cell phone hours continue to increase, the usual cell phone power has long been insufficient for people to use, so the convenience of shared charging is also becoming popular. Among the “lend” and “return” actions that we make when sharing charging, the micro switch is also quietly launching its own touch.

2. High sensitivity.

We mentioned above, the alarm and home heaters, the following talk about the micro switch which is another “Boss skills”.

For example, we turn on the heater to use in winter, the heater accidentally hit what will happen? We must be worried about fire or burns, but we must not know it! When the heater is accidentally tipped over, the device has a micro switch heater, the micro switch inside it will automatically disconnect, the functionality of the appliance will also stop.

This is inseparable from the very high sensitivity of the micro switch. There are many other sensitivities like this that use the micro switch to automatically disconnect when it tilts, such as alarms, safety devices, anti-theft systems, etc. It is this high sensitivity that avoids many hidden dangers and prevents dangers that people cannot perceive by their senses. It can be said that the micro switch is always one step ahead of people in the prevention of danger!

This also makes our daily life more secure and safe. Micro switch is a great credit.

3.Long service life and low price

Can go into thousands of households, of course, the price is the king, so the micro switch it is affordable.

Can also be favored by the car big brother manufacturers, not only because of the price advantage, followed by the mechanical life of the micro switch can usually be as high as hundreds of thousands of times life, but also more do not need to maintain the car as often as maintenance (do not need to maintain from time to time).


Our ordinary micro switch (KW3/KW12/KW10) is already a great help to human life in daily activities.

But our waterproof micro switch series (KW1/KW2/KW4/WS1/WS2 series) with IP67 level is another good choice for you, they not only meet the mini size, high sensitivity, but also can be waterproof and dustproof. Using the water-resistant micro-action of Kangerle, just like a warrior in the battle both spear and shield, both.

In addition, if you need a switch that is dustproof, small and high temperature resistant, the micro switch (our KW3/KW12/WS1 series) is also an excellent choice.


Thus, it seems that a small micro switch has become an indispensable “working screw” in our daily life, playing its biggest role in a small place. It also makes the human life more and more rich and diversified.


ZHEJIANG KANGERLE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD–has been walking together with the development and popularization of micro switch since 1990s, we have been walking, learning and innovating all the way, and always uphold the initial policy of “truth-seeking, innovation and surpassing”. We have been walking, learning and innovating along the way. We hope that our high quality switch products can be sold to every corner of the world, and add one’s own strength to the world’s work!


If you are interested in our micro switch and other switches or have demand, welcome to go to Zhejiang Kangerle Electronics (official website)

http://www.chinakel.com/ (China domestic website)

https://www.microswitch-china.com/ (external web site)

Go in for further understanding and cooperation, welcome to read this article, thank you for your click and support!

Post time: Dec-15-2021

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