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What is a waterproof micro switch?

The waterproof micro switch is a sealed micro switch, with a micro contact gap and snap action mechanism. It is a kind of waterproof switch that uses prescribed travel and operating force to realize the circuit on and off. The housing of the waterproof micro switch is plastic material which is anti-flaming. Meanwhile, it can also be equipped with different operation levers depending on the specific applications. Generally speaking, a waterproof micro switch is suitable for use in places where it will get wet and dusty. Therefore, we also call it the IP67 micro switch.IP67 microswitch

Working Principle of waterproof micro switch

The external mechanical force is applied to the reed through the transmission element (push button, lever, roller, etc.). When the reed is displaced to the critical point, it generates instantaneous action. This will cause the moving contact at the end of the reed to be quickly connected or disconnected from the fixed contact.

Once the reverse travel of the drive element reaches the critical point of the reed, the reverse action will be completed instantaneously. The action speed of the moving contact is not related to the action speed of the driving element. Waterproof micro switch has high sensitivity and stable reliability which has become one of the most popular electronic components.

Precautions for waterproof micro switch

1. Protection structure

 Do not use the switch in water. Although the switch meets the IP67 test requirements, this test is just to check the degree of water ingress inside the switch after it has been left in water for a period of time. It doesn’t test the on-and-off operation in water.
 Usually, in an environment with frequent water drops and rapid temperature changes, water intrusion into the interior of the switch may occur and requires full attention.
 Please avoid chemical adhesion and greasy dirt. Otherwise, the quality of the used material may deteriorate and age.
 If the switch is used under the condition of which contains silicon bonds and grease, it may generate silicon oxide and cause poor contact.
 Environmental resistance may vary depending on the type of switch load, surrounding environment, and setting conditions. Please be sure to test the performance of the switch in the actual operating environment first.


● Please disconnect the power supply when installing, disassembling, wiring work, and usual maintenance checks, as this may cause electric shock or burnout.
● When mounting, use only suitable screws, fasten with flat washers, spring washers, etc., and use a tightening torque of 0.23 to 0.26 N-m.
● Please mount the switch on a flat surface. If the mounting surface is uneven, the switch may be skewed, malfunction or the housing may be broken.


Take sufficient care not to damage the sealing rubber at the button during use.

4.Terminal connecting wire

The welding temperature should be within 350±20℃ and the time within 3S. Operation at too high a temperature or prolonged overheating is likely to cause the aging of the switch.
For quick-connect terminals, when inserting the slipcover into the insert, you should avoid applying force to the lateral side of the terminal to avoid deformation of the terminal and cover breakage.
 When using automatic soldering, it is recommended to do it within 5S at 260±5℃. For the soldering of printed boards, care should be taken that the flux and the solder level do not exceed the printed circuit board.

Type Selection Guide of Kangerle Waterproof Micro Switch

KANGERLE is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the waterproof micro switch. Currently, there are waterproof micro switch KW1 series, KW2 series, KW4 series, WS1 series, and WS2 series. Our factory has a complete range of waterproof micro switch terminals, which are also equipped with various forms of levers and different mounting and positioning posts. Meanwhile, KANGERLE electronics supports customization. Our products have a certification guarantee, the quality is stable and reliable. At present, KANGERLE waterproof micro switches have been successfully applied in new energy charging guns, car door locks, electric scooters, harvesters, riding car immobilizers, smart door locks, and other products. We become one of the important suppliers for manufacturers of the automotive industry, household appliances, electronic equipment, and so on. For more details about the waterproof micro switches, please visit our official website.

Post time: Nov-21-2022

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