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What is the meaning of the microswitch?

A micro switch is a small, sensitive switch that does not operate with much force. Micro switches are also called sensitive switches and contact switches. Micro switches are one of our many types of switches and are classified in various ways. We usually classify them into waterproof micro switches and normal micro switches according to whether they are waterproof or not, and into large micro switches, medium micro switches, and small micro switches according to their size.

How does a micro switch work?


 Take our KW3-6A-C as an example.

This is a double-throw type micro switch. As we can see, when the button is not pressed, the terminal is connected with the button and the normally closed terminal is closed. When the force generated by pressing the button is applied to the reed, the reed will drive the terminal connected with the button to close with the normally open terminal. This whole process is the working process of the micro switch, in short: when the outside world applies force to the transmission element, the transmission element will act on the action reed, which will cause the reed end of the dynamic contact and the fixed contact to turn on or off. (Note: The actuating element can be a button or a pendulum, etc.)

What are the advantages of a micro switch? How do people use it in their production life?

         1.Small operation force and small size.

As we mentioned in the introduction above, the micro switch has a small size, plus it does not require a lot of effort when it is pressed, so it is widely used in life. From the smallest alarm buttons to the largest washing machine buttons, micro switches are all involved. As the recent emergence of household appliances —-  the air fryer in the switch device is the micro switch. Not to mention the microwave ovens, induction cookers, which have been commonly used in the homes of ordinary people appliances. By the way, the charging compartment of the shared rechargeable battery, which can be found everywhere on the street now, is also controlled by a micro switch.

2.High sensitivity.

Because the micro switch is sensitive and reliable, so the micro switch is often used as a safety device. For example, if a heater is used in winter, when it tends to tip over, the micro switch will automatically disconnect, and in this operation, many dangerous consequences can be prevented or even excluded.

3.Low price but the lifelong

The mechanical life of the micro switch is up to hundreds of thousands of times, but the price is very low, as well as does not require maintenance from time to time, so it is very popular with household appliances and automobile manufacturers.


In addition, there are some waterproof micro switches with waterproof ratings up to IP67, which means they are not afraid of water and dusty environment. Some facilities need to be operated underwater and need small switches, then waterproof micro switches (our KW1/KW2/KW4/WS1/WS2 series) are an excellent choice.

Beyond, when the switch needs to meet the dustproof, small size, and high-temperature resistant environment, then the micro switch (our KW3/KW12/WS1 series) is the best choice.

In summary, we can see that our life has become more and more colorful due to the use of a micro switch, and our company as a manufacturer of micro switch has more than ten years, not to say how experienced, but accompanied the development of micro switch, whether it is the improvement of machine replacement or after-sales problems we are timely processing, machine innovation is for product quality, after-sales problems to achieve timely and effective processing is for credibility. After more than ten years of development, our company is in a pioneering position in the market competition of similar products. Please give us a start of trust and you would not regret your initial choice.

Post time: Dec-15-2021

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