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What is the use of the micro switch for the electric tailgate of a car?

Electric tailgates are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and safety advantages. They provide a good way for the driver to enter the vehicle’s trunk without manually opening it. The powered tailgate also provides better security because it can be locked or unlocked by simply pressing a button. In addition, electric tailgates are easier to operate than manual tailgates because they require less effort and time.

power tailgate locks

Today, they can also be opened and closed from within the vehicle, or even remotely using a remote key or smartphone application. All of these features make the electric tailgate an excellent choice for those who want to enter the vehicle’s trunk in a simple and safe way. How is the function of the electric tailgate realized? This is due to a small component – the micro switch.

What is the micro switch used in the electric tailgate lock of a car?


The micro switch of the trunk lock of a car is an important electronic component used to control the opening and closing of the tailgate of the car, which shoulders the important task of ensuring the safety of the car. It is part of the locking system and can prevent illegal access to the luggage compartment. On the other hand, a micro switch can detect when the trunk is open or closed, and then send a signal to activate or deactivate other components in the system, preventing the vehicle from driving with the trunk open.

Operating principle of electric tailgate lock micro switch

The car trunk micro switch is a sub-miniature electronic switch used to control the car trunk lock, which senses when the tailgate needs to be opened or closed, and then starts the motor to move accordingly. This ensures that the tailgate moves smoothly and safely without any bumps or sudden stops.

What should I do if the tailgate micro switch fails?

The micro switch is responsible for controlling the opening and closing of the electric tailgate. If it is damaged or fails, it can pose a safety hazard to both the vehicle and passengers:

The most common problem is that the trunk fails and the operation convenience decreases

2. Causes the tailgate to open unexpectedly while driving, resulting in a serious accident

3. Causes failures in other parts of the vehicle, such as door locks and window controls.

Therefore, when the micro switch of the electric tailgate malfunctions, it is necessary to promptly seek professional personnel for maintenance or replace it with a new one. When selecting micro switches, pay attention to the quality and model of the switch. There are two types of power tailgate micro switches manufactured by KANGERLE switch manufacturers: KEL13 series light touch switches and KW2 series waterproof micro switches.

 KW2系列组合图2 01

They are small in size, light in weight, and quick in switching on and off circuits. They can sensitively control the opening and closing of the tailgate. KW2 series micro switches are also equipped with various types of wiring terminals and form booms, which can achieve IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof after soldering. That is to say, even when the car is driving on rainy days all year round, the micro switch can still ensure that the operation of the trunk is not affected. KANGERLE micro switches are guaranteed by global safety certification, with stable and reliable quality. It is not only used in car trunk locks, but also widely used in car locks, central control locks, electronic locks for charging guns, car engine systems, shifters, steering wheels, and so on. For more details on electronic switches, please visit the official website of KANGERLE.

Post time: Mar-29-2023

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