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  • Some of the most common common sense of metal button switches

    Some of the most common common sense of metal button switches When the metal button switch is pressed, the two pairs of contacts act at the same time, the normally closed contact is disconnected, and the normally open contact is closed. In order to indicate the function of each button and avoid m...
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  • The purpose and working principle of the detection switch

    The purpose and working principle of the detection switch The detection switch is connected with other circuit elements to detect the parameters of the element or circuit (such as current, voltage, etc.). The detection switch has an inductive function. It is often a variety of inductive switches ...
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  • What is a micro switch

    What is a micro switch A micro switch is a contact mechanism that has a small contact interval and a snap-action mechanism. It uses a specified stroke and a specified force to switch the contact mechanism. It is covered by a shell and has a drive rod outside of it. Because of the comparison of th...
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  • Detector switch

    Among the switch parts, we have known the most widely used tact switches, and have also come into contact with self-locking switches that can realize self-locking and non-locking functions. So today I will introduce a new switch category, that is, the detection switch: the detection switch is con...
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  • What is a slide switch

    Slide switch is a kind of switch, this kind of switch is mainly turned on or off the switching power supply through the swing switch handle. Small swing switches are mainly used in electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., while large slide switches are mainly used in large mec...
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  • How does push button switch work

    Button switch principle-structure The button is generally composed of a button cap, a return spring, a bridge type moving contact, a static contact, a pillar connecting rod and a shell. The opening and closing state of the contact when the button is not subjected to external force (ie static), di...
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  • Which kinds of metal button switches

    It can be said that we are all familiar with the button switch. The button switch is the most common and frequently used small electrical appliance in our life. We will come into contact with all kinds of button switches in bai’s life and work.In fact, the button switch is a simple structur...
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  • Brief introduction and application of rocker switch

        Rocker switch is also called rocker switch. Its structure is the same as that of a toggle switch, except that the handle of the button is replaced with a boat shape. Rocker switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment. Their contacts are divided into single-pole single-t...
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  • Introduction of metal buttons

    What is a button switch? Button switch, also known as control button (button for short), is a low-voltage electrical appliance that can be manually and generally reset automatically. Buttons are usually used in circuits to issue start or stop instructions to control the on and off of electrical c...
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  • Basic understanding of touch switch

    What is a tact switch? Before we understand the principle of the tact switch, let’s first understand what a tact switch is. The tact switch is a common electronic switch and belongs to the mechanical action category. Composed of plastic parts, base, slingshot shrapnel, handle button, and co...
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  • Wonder if you know what a micro switch is?

    Wonder if you know what a micro switch is? The micro switch, as the name suggests, uses a very small force switch. It is a switch that the external mechanical force acts on the action read through the transmission element, so that the fixed contact and the moving contact at the end are quickly co...
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  • Invitation Latter

    Invitation Latter Dear sir/madam, We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at Shanghai New Expo Centre from Oct. 30th to Nov.1st, 2019. ZHEJIANG KANGERLE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD has been specialized in the design and manufacturing of switches for over 20 yea...
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